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We are changing the lives of 1000's of disabled and disadvantaged children in Burma (Myanmar) and elsewhere.

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Water and Sanitation


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In addition to providing clean drinking water we have installed toilets in schools and communities. We have also endeavoured to give training to the villagers about hygienic practices. The lack of sanitary toilets is a major contributing factor to illness and death in poor, rural communities. With more funding we can save more lives by improving sanitation facilities.  


Clean Drinking Water

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Piping for Tetma water supply WEBPiping for Tetma water supply 2 WEB

We have installed wells in a number of schools and villages. In some areas where we were unable to dig a well we have run pipes from the nearest well or stream -  in some cases up to 2 km away. One of the major causes of serious illness and death in poor communities is contaminated drinking water. The only thing standing in the way of us being able to provide more communities with such a vital basic need is the lack of funding.

Palaung kids at Water Tank

Palaung kids at Water Tank


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